Tiger Woods BOOKED for DUI: Mugshot PIC

Tiger Woods Mugshot

How the mighty have fallen.

There was once a time when Tiger Woods could do no wrong, as he dominated the PGA Tour while owning a seemingly squeaky-clean reputation.  But then there was the cheating scandal, the divorce, and his rapid fall from the top of the golf world.

And now comes the latest chapter in Tiger Woods’ downfall: a DUI arrest in Jupiter, Florida, early Monday morning.

According to reports from TMZ, Tiger was booked into Palm Beach County Jail at around 3am Monday morning after police suspected he was driving under the influence of either drugs or alcohol—which it is has yet to be determined.  Woods was eventually released just before 11am this morning and his 2015 Mercedes, which he was driving at the time, was retrieved by a member of his entourage.

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