Bryce Alford: LaVar Ball Gives Lonzo A ‘Rep He Doesn’t Deserve’

UCLA v Arizona

UCLA standout Lonzo Ball will likely go #2 overall to the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2017 NBA Draft.  Along the way will come a bunch of people who want to see him fail miserably.

Not because of something he said or did, but because his father, LaVar Ball, is such a polarizing figure in the media. For that reason alone, it just isn’t fair, according to former Bruins teammate Bryce Alford.

Bryce Alford spent last season with Lonzo and said the future lottery pick has a very different personality than his father, and the hate that he gets is not warranted.

“It’s just an unfair thing for Lonzo just because he gets a rep he doesn’t deserve,” Alford told Bill Oram of The OC Register. “I don’t want to say anything poorly against LaVar. I think he’s done a good job of getting him ready to be where he’s at and he’s helped him become a great basketball player. So, I don’t want to say anything that way, but he does get a persona that’s just totally not him. He’s an absolutely great kid, great teammate, and truly cared about what his teammates are doing more so than himself. So if anything, I hope NBA people can see that.”

LaVar has been in the news constantly since the beginning of the year, while you’d be hard-pressed to know how Lonzo even sounds when he speaks, because he rarely ever talks.

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