Hafthor Björnsson, A.K.A. The Mountain from GoT, Says He Was “Robbed” of World’s Strongest Man Title (Video)

thor Björnsson mountain game of thrones robbed world's strongest man title

When The Mountain gets pissed off on TV, he decapitates horses and crushes human skulls with his bare hands.

Thankfully, when he gets pissed off in real life, he just complains on social media like the rest of us.

This past weekend, 28-year-old Hafthor Björnsson of Iceland, the professional strongman who plays The Mountain on HBO’s Game of Thrones, lost the title of World’s Strongest Man by a single point to 29-year-old Eddie Hall of England. However, Björnsson thinks he should have won. He says the referee unfairly docked him one rep on the Viking press.

After taking the L, Björnsson wrote in an Instagram post, “This weekend I was robbed. The integrity of my beloved sport is in question.”

Björnsson later deleted that post, probably at the behest of his publicist. He then replaced it with another post, explaining his gripe in more measured tone.

Take a look:

It certainly seems like The Mountain has a point. Can’t see why that last rep wouldn’t count.

What do you think, internet? Was The Mountain robbed?

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