Injured Madison Bumgarner Watches Teammates Brawl Like Kid with Broken Arm Watching Friends Jump in Pool (Video)

madison bumgarner can't brawl because of his injured shoulder

It’s not easy for baseball to be the center of attention this time of year. It usually takes a backseat to the LeBron James June Classic, otherwise known as the NBA Finals.

However, on Memorial Day Bryce Harper and Hunter Strickland got everyone to shut up about Cavs-Warriors III for five minutes. Strickland beaned Harper with a 98mph fastball in the top of the 8th inning at AT&T Park, and the two of them decided to throw hands on national TV.

It was awesome. You’re not supposed to say that. You’re supposed to wring your hands and call for MLB to suspend everyone involved. But the reality is, it was awesome…unless you are Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner, in which case it was not awesome.

MadBum, as you may recall, has been out since mid-April with a shoulder and rib injury sustained in a dirt bike accident. So he couldn’t take part in the brawl. When the fists started flying, and all his teammates got to jump over the dugout railing, MadBum just sat there like a sad 10-year-old with a broken arm watching his friends jump in a pool from behind a sliding glass door.

Check it out:

There aren’t a lot of brawls in baseball anymore. That may have been Bumgarner’s only chance to throw some haymakers on a Major League diamond.

Poor guy.

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