Reddit User Shares Interesting Stat That Suggests Why LeBron Won’t Win 2017 NBA Title

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics - Game Five

We’re 48 hours away from the start of the NBA Finals that pits the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors against each other for the 3rd straight year. While most look at the match-ups, bench depth, or overall talent to determine who will come out on top in this best of seven series, it may be much simpler than you think.

You can choose to go the ESPN route and see that Stephen A. Smith picked the Warriors to win the title, as he’s picked the wrong winner of the Finals for six consecutive years.

..Or you can see what this Reddit user dug up and go with that.

Reddit user PZinger6 shared with social media on Monday an interesting stat that suggests LeBron will be 3-5 in the NBA Finals when it’s all said and done, and it has everything to do with the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Since 2011, Alabama has won three titles, and they’ve won those titles during the same years LeBron has won his three NBA titles. And during the years Alabama has lost, LeBron has also lost in the NBA Finals:


There are so many curses in affect here. We’re still not sure how this will play out. From Stephen A. to Nick Saban, to the Kardashian curse, it’s tough to tell.



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