Tiger Woods DUI Police Report: He Had “No Idea” Where He Was (PICS)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

If you’re looking for some nighttime reading for tonight, I have a short story to recommend for you.  It’s the write-up for the Tiger Woods DUI police report, which talks about how Woods had “no idea” where he was and could barely stand or speak while being arrested for DUI early Monday morning.

Woods was stopped at around 3am Monday morning in Jupiter, Florida, when police noticed his car was swerving on the road.  Woods’ Mercedes was also said to be quite damaged upon further inspection:

“Both drivers` side tires were flat along with minor damage to both respective rims. There was also minor damage to the front driver`s side bumper and rear bumper, and the passenger rear tail light appeared to be out.”

According to the rest of the report, Tiger thought he was in California at the time, telling the officer he was on his way from Los Angeles to Orange County. (We should note that Tiger was actually in Florida at the time.)

Woods was slurring his speech and struggling to maintain his balance the entire time. After failing several roadside sobriety tests, he was place under arrest.

You can check out the entire police report here (for the PDF version), or via the gallery below:

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