Barkley Says He ‘Might’ Put LeBron On Kobe’s Level If He Defeats Warriors in The Finals Again (VIDEO)

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While the debate continues to heat up on whether LeBron James could possibly surpass Michael Jordan as the best player to ever grace a basketball court, Charles Barkley says you need to slow down.

During an appearance on ESPN’s Mike & Mike last week, Barkley made it clear that LeBron can’t possibly pass Jordan if hasn’t passed Los Angles Lakers great Kobe Bryant yet.

“If Lebron is able to beat the Golden State Warriors, I might move him up to Kobe Bryant status. Lebron has 3 championships … if they’re able to beat the Golden State Warriors, that would be incredible. I’d put him on the same level as Kobe Bryant at that point. Michael is on a whole other level. He won six championships.

I don’t understand why people just move [Lebron] right passed Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant won 5 championships and he’s done some things we’ve never seen before.”

Facts: Kobe won three titles as the side-kick to Shaq.  Shaq gets run out of town following the 2003-2004 season and the Lakers did absolutely nothing with Kobe as the main guy until the franchise traded for Paul Gasol.


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