JaVale McGee Tells Unnamed Cavs Critic That Called Him ‘Stupid’ To Put His Name On The Statement

Golden State Warriors v San Antonio Spurs - Game Four

On Tuesday, there was an anonymous Cleveland Cavaliers player who had some not-so-nice things to say about Golden State Warriors center JaVale McGee.

“Appearing on Tuesday’s edition of ESPN’s The Basketball Analogy Show (h/t,’s Dave McMenamin told colleague Brian Windhorst that one Cavs player doesn’t believe McGee is mentally equipped to compete in the Finals.

“I had a Cavs player disagree with your opinion of McGee, Brian. He postulated to me that he doesn’t even think McGee’s gonna be able to get on the court or certainly not stay on the court because he doesn’t think he’s quote, unquote ‘smart enough’ to be able to play in this series.”

That was pretty harsh, but if you’re not going to put your name behind the statement, why even talk?  That’s what JaVale McGee had to say when asked about it on Wednesday.

“If you are not going to put your name on it, why say it?” McGee said Wednesday. “That’s even if it’s true. (Maybe) the reporter was making it up just to stir (expletive) up.”

“Anybody can go and say what they want,” McGee added. “Freedom of speech in America. You can say what you want. I don’t know who said it and (you) don’t know who said it so I don’t know, it might not be disrespectful, depending on where it is coming from. It might not be real at all.”

Could McGee be embroiled in a fake news conspiracy campaign to drum up even more interest in the NBA Finals after a lack-luster 2017 NBA playoffs? No one knows for sure unless that player speaks up.

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