Report: Tiger Woods Was on a LOT of Drugs and Hanging with IG Model Laci Somers the Night He Was Arrested (Pics)

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The plot keeps thickening with regard to the Tiger Woods DUI arrest. We now know what drugs Tiger is currently taking (hint: it’s a lot), and there’s a rumor that he was hanging out with Instagram model Laci Somers at the time of his arrest.

We’ll get to the part about Laci Somers in a moment. But first, the drugs.

Tiger was apparently very cooperative with the police, or at least as cooperative as possible given his condition. (At one point the police tried to explain how to do the Romberg alphabet test. When they asked him if he understood, Tiger replied, “yes, recite entire national anthem backwards,” which is not correct.) He told the cops he has prescriptions for Solarex, Vicodin, Torix and Vioxx, the last of which he said he hasn’t taken this year.

If Tiger took more than one of those on the night of his DUI it’s no wonder he wound up asleep at the wheel with his blinker on. It’s also no wonder he sucks at golf.

Here’s a look at the hand-written police report, which was obtained by TMZ:

tiger woods police report drugs 2

As for the rumor concerning Tiger’s alleged female companion, that comes to us from the folks at Terez Owens. Back in March they reported that Tiger was “linked” to Instagram model Laci Somers. Now they say they have a source who says Tiger had been hanging out with her the night he was arrested.

The rumor doesn’t alleged that Somers was in the car with Tiger. Only that “Tiger was busy with her the night of his DUI.”

In any case, here are a few samples of Somers’ more tame Instagram posts, just so you know what Tiger may or may not have been dealing with:

That’s how you start a playoff series! Solid effort by the Blazers today but our D was flying around everywhere, my boy Green blocking shots out there like Mutombo ! These next few weeks are going to be exciting! Also my thoughts and prayers are with Isaiah Thomas as he mourns the loss of his little sister today, go get em #IT4 I’m rooting for you – Who’s your squad?! #dubnation

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Where are my followers from? #california @imlacikaysomers LaciKaySomersXo

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Arizona you were good to me – Check my Insta story for more!

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@imlacikaysomers Is it Summer yet? – LaciKaySomersXo

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Sup?…. @imlacikaysomers – LaciKaySomersXo

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Ugh. She’s a Warriors fan.

Hat Tip – [TMZ, Terez Owens]

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