Cristiano Ronaldo and Smokeshow Girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez Reportedly Expecting Twins (Gallery)

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Image via Getty

Back in March numerous outlets reported that soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo was expecting twins. However, it was believed at the time that said twins were to be born via an American surrogate, not his ridiculously gorgeous girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez.

Now it seems nobody is sure exactly what’s going on.

Last week Ronaldo published a photo of himself and Rodriguez on Instagram in which the two of them are placing their hands on Rodriguez’s stomach:


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This week Italian celebrity gossip magazine Chi is reporting that Rodriguez is in fact pregnant. And they have photos of her and Ronaldo on vacation in Corsica to supposedly prove it:

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When it was reported in March that Ronaldo was expecting twins via surrogate, everyone believed it. For one thing Georgina Rodriguez is just 23 years old. For another, that’s how Ronaldo had his seven-year-old, Cristiano Jr. Ronaldo is by all accounts an extremely loving and involved father. It made sense that he’d was to add to his family.

But now who knows what the hell is going on. Is Rodriguez the one pregnant with twins? Is Rodriguez just pregnant while Ronaldo is also expecting twins via surrogacy? Is she not pregnant at all?

All we know for sure is that, whatever the situation, Cristiano Ronaldo is a very lucky man.

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