Carmelo Anthony Wants Chris Rock To Stay Away From His Wife La La (VIDEO)

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It was reported back in April that Carmelo Anthony and his wife La La would be going their separate ways after Melo reportedly stepped out on the marriage and got a stripper pregnant.

Since then, the pair have been spotted out together and are reportedly working on their marriage, but nothing concrete yet. On a recent epsidoe of the ‘Wendy Williams show,’ comedian Chris Rock was in the midst of promoting his Total Blackout World Tour when he was asked if he was friends with Carmelo and La La.

Rock used the moment to express his desires for the actress.

‘If La La is interested in going short next time,’ Chris began. ‘La La is bad, woo! Hey, they’re married; you’re not supposed to mess with other team’s players. But she’s hot though!’

‘She looked great the other night,’ Chris continued, speaking about a photo of La La at the Met Gala in New York City. ‘La La will you? La La let’s go to ‘La La Land!”

The audience may have laughed, but her estranged husband Carmelo was not happy about it.

‘He was really upset,’ a source close to the player told

‘He sent a text to several of his friends asking “Did y’all see this bulls**t? This n**** on TV trying to scoop up my wife.”

‘He then called famed film director Spike Lee to tell him to tell Chris to back off before it became a problem,’ the source added.

But La La was flattered by Chris’s flirting. The actress told friends she was very tempted to post the clip on her Instagram with three heart emojis as a caption.

‘She felt like Carmelo needs to realize that just because he didn’t respect his marriage vows doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t want her. The only reason she didn’t post the clip is because she knew it would fuel more headlines about their split,’ the source revealed. 

Two of La La’s closest friends are encouraging her to take Chris up on his offer. is told best friends Kim Kardashian and Ciara have both been pushing their friend to quietly go out with Chris.

‘They both know she’s clearly not ready to date anyone, but both feel she may as well go out with a man that thinks she’s hot, have a good time and a whole bunch of laughs while doing it. Both feel it would really teach Carmelo a lesson too,’ the source revealed.”

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