Joe Mixon Hanging With Pacman Jones at Future Concert (PIC)

Adam Jones Joe Mixon

I’m not sure how the Cincinnati Bengals feel about this budding relationship, but I imagine they wouldn’t be too thrilled about it.

Joe Mixon, the Bengals’ second-round draft pick this summer who’s best known for slugging a woman at a bar, was seen partying with oft-troubled Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones at a Future concert in Cincinnati on Wednesday.

According to TMZ, Pacman and Future go way back, so when the rapper gave Jones some tickets to his show, the Bengals vet decided to invite the rookie running back.

While many may see this friendship as bad news for the team, there is some good news to come from all of this: the two apparently had a great time and there were no reports of any trouble involving either of them.

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