Kevin Durant Had SIX DUNKS in the First Half of Game 1, So Let’s Watch Them (Video)

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Image via Getty

The NBA Finals aren’t even close to over. But there is no denying that, after one game, Kevin Durant owns the narrative.

Durant has more pressure on him in this series than any other player. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson won a title two years ago. LeBron redeemed himself in the eyes of his hometown last year. But KD is 0-1 in the NBA Finals against LeBron, and he took a lot of grief for leaving Oklahoma City last year in search of a ring. If he doesn’t win this year, the monkey on his back is only going to get heavier.

Judging by his performance in Game 1, Durant is determined not to let that happen. The guy finished with a game-high 38 points to go along with eight rebounds and eight assists in the Warriors’ 113-91 win. He scored 23 of those points in the first half, and 12 of those 23 came via dunks.

They weren’t just any dunks, either. They were thunderous, rim-shaking dunks.

Take a look:

Did you see the way KD put LeBron on skates? Filthy. Absolutely filthy.

According to Rihanna LeBron is still the king. But if Durant keeps playing the way he did on Thursday, the King is going to have a hell of a time holding on to his crown.

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