Tracy McGrady Picks LeBron Over Jordan Because He Makes Teammates Better; Says MJ Only Wants To Score (VIDEO)

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Everyone is coming out of the woodwork to give their opinions on LeBron James and Michael Jordan, and future Hall of Famers Tracy McGrady and Paul Pierce decided to discuss it as well.

On ESPN’s The Jump last week, McGrady chose LeBron to start a team because of Bron’s ability “to take lesser talent and elevate those guys.”

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“I think if you want to start a team, I’m going to go with LeBron because of him being able to take lesser talent and elevate those guys… Because of his pass-first mentality, being able to elevate his team in terms of their style of play.

“Mike is going out there trying to get 30 and 40 points. He’s not looking to make his team better.”

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