REPORT: Bryce Harper Wants to Join Chicago Cubs in Free Agency

Bryce Harper Patriotic Home Run

Bryce Harper wants to shake up the entire league.

On Friday, longtime baseball scribe Peter Gammons told 670 The Score that Harper’s preference is to sign with the Chicago Cubs when he hits the open market. 

“I have people tell me that Bryce Harper, really, would prefer to play for the Cubs,” Gammons said, according to Bleacher Nation’s Brett Taylor

“Somehow I don’t think it’s going to be affordable to have Bryce Harper and Kris Bryant on the same team,” Gammons said. “It’s a great idea, I’d love to see it. I respect them both so much, personally and professionally. But I don’t think it’s going to ever happen.” 

The Washington Nationals signed him to a one-year, $21.6 million deal in May to avoid arbitration, so Harper isn’t scheduled to become a free agent until 2018.

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