Muhammad Ali’s Ex-Wife Calls LeBron The ‘Muhammad Ali of Basketball’ (AUDIO)

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Just a few days ago, LeBron James was the victim of a hate crime after someone spray painted the word ‘ni**er’ on his Los Angeles home. After the incident, LeBron spoke openly about racism in this country and how hard it is to be Black in America.

Muhammad Ali’s ex-wife was so happy with how LeBron used his platform to speak up on social issues that she anointed him the “Muhammad Ali of basketball” for the way he’s addressed racism in America.

Khalilah Ali — who was married to Muhammad from ’67 to ’76 and has 4 kids with the boxing legend — tells TMZ Sports she was extremely impressed with Bron’s reaction to the racist vandalism at his L.A. home.

She says Muhammad would not only be proud … he’d be a huge fan.

“I think Ali would be very supportive of him because Ali went through the same thing in the past,” Khalilah says.

“He would really look up to James.”

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