LeBron James Was NOT in the Mood to Answer Reporter’s Stupid Question After Game 2 Loss (Video)

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Image via Getty

LeBron James played a hell of a game on Sunday night, recording 29 points, 14 assists, 11 rebounds, three steals, and one block. Unfortunately, LeBron’s triple-double was not enough to defeat the historically deep Warriors, who took Game 2 of the NBA Finals, 132-113.

After the game, LeBron tried to be courteous to reporters as they asked their clichéd questions. However, there was one question he just could not tolerate. So instead of answering, he turns the tables and makes the reporter answer the question himself:

“Do you just feel this is a case where you just need to defend home court at this point?”

There are lots of ways this question could have been reformulated to be less bad:

  • “LeBron, do you think having to defend home court will give you guys an edge?”
  • “LeBron, do you guys feel confident heading back to defend home court?”
  • “LeBron, do you think your tactics will change down 2-0 playing to defend home court?”

Pretty much any version that would have required LeBron to give an opinion rather than state the facts would have worked.

Lesson learned.

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