Parachute Skier Nearly Decapitates Bikini Chick at Snowboard Event in Washington (Video)

parachute skier nearly decapitates bikini chick

A parachute skier came just inches away from decapitating a bikini chick at a recent snowboarding event in Washington.

Apparently parachute skiing is a thing. Who knew? These crazy millennials with their crazy extreme sports!

The event in question was Sesh Up 2017 at Washington’s Mt. Baker on May 21. The bikini chick—a model hawking some sportswear brand or energy drink or something—was taking a break from posing for pics to watch some paraskiers fly down the slope. Unfortunately, she got so distracted filming the first paraskier on her phone that she forgot to keep tabs on the second paraskier coming her way. Thus, she did not see him coming in hot, and he ended up buzzing past about a foot away from her head while the guys next to her hit the deck.

Check it out:

There are lots of horrible ways to die. Drowning would suck. So would burning, or being eaten alive by a lion, or pretty much anything you see on Game of Thrones.

Getting impaled in the chest, neck, or face by snow skis? That would be right up there with the worst of the worst.

Our bikini chick is pretty damned lucky.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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