Draymond Finds it Funny That Magic Johnson Thinks ‘Showtime’ Lakers Would Sweep The Warriors (VIDEO)


You can tell by Draymond Green’s response that he doesn’t think too much into what Magic Johnson said about what his former squad would do to today’s Warriors.

Magic, the Lakers President of Basketball Operations, stated during an American Express Teamed Up event that his showtime Lakers would not only beat Golden State in a seven-game series, they’d win handily.

“We’d probably sweep them,” Magic said at an American Express event Monday night.


Green was then informed of those comments on Tuesday and his response was pure laughter.   

“First off, the game is completely different than it was back then. Nowadays, if you can’t shoot a three, you’re a liability on the floor. That wasn’t the case back then,” Green said.

“So I never understand when people try to compare eras and say, oh, this team could have beat this team or they couldn’t have beat that team or this player is better than that player. It doesn’t make sense to me because you’re kind of talking two different games, for real. So I never really understand that, nor do I get off into it.

“They were great in their time, we’re great in our time and respect that.”

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