J.J. Watt Calls NFL Network’s Top 100 Player Rankings “a Joke” (Tweet)

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Image via Getty

The NFL Network has released numbers 40-31 of their Top 100 NFL Players of 2017, and J.J. Watt is not happy.

Watt was ranked no. 3 on the Top 100 NFL Players 2016. However, he only played three games last season before undergoing season-ending back surgery in September. So this year the superstar defensive end came in at no. 35.

Watt thinks that ranking is ridiculous. But not because it’s too low.

Here’s what he had to say about the rankings on Twitter:

Interestingly, some people interpreted Watt’s tweet to mean that he thinks he should have been ranked higher. But those people are wrong. Watt is obviously saying he shouldn’t have been ranked as high as he is.

He’s not alone in that opinion, either. Denver Broncos Chris Harris and T.J. Ward both voiced their displeasure with Watts’ high ranking:

Of course, Watt, Harris, and Ward only have their peers to blame for this grievous miscarriage of NFL justice. The NFL’ Networks Top 100 is voted on by players.

Tune in to the NFL Network next Monday at 9pm ET to see who gets numbers 30-21.

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