Kevin Durant: LeBron ‘Paved The Way’ For Me To Join Superteam

2017 NBA Finals - Game One

When Kevin Durant made the decision to leave the OKC Thunder in free agency to join the Golden State Warriors last offseason, he received a fair share of criticism for joining a super-team that had just eliminated his squad a month earlier in the playoffs.

He didn’t think of it at the time, but the 6-foot-9 forward admitted that LeBron James “paved the way” for him to sign in the Bay Area after the four-time MVP took his talents to South Beach back in 2010.

“As time goes on, and the changes start to become normal, people will start looking at it as normal,” Durant told B/R Mag’s Howard Beck. “I hope and pray that they make a decision that’s best for them, and nobody else.”

His decision has him on the cusp of winning an NBA Championship as the Warriors are just two wins away from winning their second title in 3 years.

“That’s what free agency is about—doing what you want to do,” he added. “I commend LeBron. I commend LaMarcus Aldridge. I commend guys that stay, because they did what they wanted to do. That’s the power of free agency.”

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