Marshawn Lynch Cursed Up A Storm In First Raiders Interview, Aired Live on NFL Network (VIDEO)


From this day forward, the NFL Network will always have a 7-second tape-delay.  And it’s all thanks to Marshawn Lynch.

The Oakland Raiders running back has displayed in the past that he is prone to cursing on live TV whether he realizes it or not, and he displayed that same profane language live on Tuesday.

Lynch demonstrated a wide range of profanity, dropping “shit” twice in the span of about a minute and also adding a “motherfucker” and a line about “pissing in them hallways.” That prompted NFLN host Andrew Siciliano to joke about his language and reporter Mike Garafolo to apologize. Here’s the first “shit”

“What will it allow you to do, playing in Oakland and still being in the community during the season and during football time?” “I don’t know, I think it’s no different. I think it’s just more of the time. With me playing, having to go to work in other places, that just didn’t allow me to do the type of things that I was able to do while I was retired. And I’m at home, I do them when I’m at home. So it just gave me more time to do the same shit that I would have been doing if it was something that I could have been doing year-round.”

Another ‘shit’:

He said “I got the whole town, you feel me, though, riding with me. That’s good what they got going on, all that good shit you just said. But I got a whole new Oakland behind me, and the way we feel about where we’re from and why we represent…”

This continued here with the “motherfucker”:

“Why we represent where we’re from so hard is because we know what the struggle is, and how we get down. So every home game that I get to come to this motherfucker, I’m probably going to be riding with the whole town. So when you’re going into something like that, knowing you got a whole…it ain’t like I’m saying I’m coming to y’all’s city and riding with y’all, this is actually where I’m born, and raised, and bred and…”

And he then dropped the “pissing in them hallways”:

“Born, and raised, and bred, and pissing in them hallways, and running down them alleyways. I really did all that right here and now I get to play right here. So all that you said, that’s good, but there’s more.”

Never change, Marshawn.

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