Predators Fans Celebrate Huge Game 4 Win with Epic Makeout Sesh on Live TV (Video)

predators fans making out

The Nashville Predators earned another huge win over the Pittsburgh Penguins on Monday night to even their Stanley Cup Finals series at two games a piece.

This playoff season Predators fans have established themselves as some of the best fans not just in the NHL, but in all of pro sports. Naturally, they were absolutely euphoric over the win.

However, euphoria was not the only thing Predators fans were feeling. For one couple, the huge win had them feeling downright amorous.

Following the 4-1 win, WSMV NBC 4 reporter Chris Harris tried to do a live broadcast from the party outside Bridgestone Arena. However, his report didn’t quite go as planned, because nobody could take their eyes off the couple about ready to make a Predators baby right behind him.

Take a look:

Funny how a big win and a few $10 beers can make all your inhibitions melt away.

Fortunately for these two, who presumably have jobs and families and friends on social media, Harris and his producers had the good sense to end the segment before things got PG-13. As it is they’re probably not going to live this down for quite some time.

Of course, if the Predators actually win the Stanley Cup, they’ll be Nashville legends.

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