Former A-Rod Mistresses Trying to Extort Him and Ruin Relationship with J-Lo

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Alex Rodriguez has 99 problems, and several of them are related to female acquaintances.

A-Rod has been dating Jennifer Lopez for several months. They recently made their first official public appearance as a couple at last month’s Met Gala, and apparently things are going pretty well.

Unfortunately, taking their relationship public has brought some of A-Rod’s money-hungry former flames out of the woodwork. One of them already spilled the beans about A-Rod to the National Enquirer. The other is apparently threatening to spill more beans unless he forks over some serious cash.

First up we have Lauren Hunter. She told the Enquirer that she began a sexual relationship with Rodriguez back in 2011, and implied that this relationship never really ended.

“I don’t think he’s sexually attracted to her. In bed with J.Lo, he’s probably picturing me,” Hunter said. “He likes me to always wear heels and lingerie and outfits, dress up as a schoolgirl. All the things I would do with him I wouldn’t do with anyone else.”

Hunter, who claims to have been seeing A-Rod while he was publicly with Cameron Diaz, also told the Enquirer that A-Rod is very into threesomes and voyeurism. But of course, the National Enquirer isn’t exactly known for its commitment to the truth, and a lot of people will say anything about anybody for a nice paycheck.

We don’t know the name of the other woman trying to stir up trouble for A-Rod, but according to TMZ she’s demanded $600,000 or else she’ll contact media outlets and publish text messages he sent to her.

A-Rod’s people acknowledge that A-Rod had a fling with the woman, but that he stopped seeing her in 2014. They suspect she wants to make it look like he’s been going around behind J-Lo’s back. But who knows—maybe the texts reveal some embarrassing sexual proclivities. Either way, A-Rod is determined not to pay the woman a cent, and J-Lo supports him 100%.

Stay tuned, though. This could get ugly.

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