WATCH: Bowler Records Perfect Game in Under 75 Seconds (Video)

Perfect Game bowling

Bowling a perfect game is impressive, but for Tim Emery of Ewing, New Jersey, it not impressive enough.

The 23-year-old has probably seen many perfect games during his time at the West Hunterdon Lanes bowling alley, but he wanted his to be better than any other perfect game that anyone has ever bowled…

And by better, I mean faster.

On Friday, Emery set aside 10 lanes for himself at the alley, and with the cameras rolling, he managed to bowl a perfect game in under 75 seconds.

74.85, to be exact.

While there’s no official world record for fastest perfect game ever bowled, it is believed that Ben Katola of Syracuse, New York, was the previous holder, with a time of 86.9 seconds.

Here’s a look at Emery and Katola’s record-runs synced side-by-side:

Emery says he plans on applying for the official world record with the people at Guinness. He claims to have two videos and several witnesses to the event, but if Guinness refuses his application, he has no problem performing the feat again for them.

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