REPORT: Luke Walton Says LaVar Ball Won’t Be Allowed at Lonzo’s Lakers Workout (AUDIO)

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This may be the first time LaVar Ball has been told he can’t do something that involves his children and he has no choice but to adhere to it.

Luke Walton was recently a guest on the ‘Jim Rome’ show and the Los Angeles Lakers head coach was asked if LaVar would be allowed into the team’s private workout with his son, Lonzo.

Walton made it clear that it is a private session and LaVar is not invited, but he can come to dinner if he’d like.

“Absolutely. If he wanted to come to the dinner. I think the workout is something that we’ll keep the doors closed on, but the dinner, I think he would definitely make the dinner more entertaining. He’s definitely welcomed to join us for that one.”

Rumors have been swirling since last week that the Lakers are not as high on Lonzo as many people seem to think they are. Some are even saying they could actually go a different direction in the draft.

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