Report: Rex Ryan Hit on Woman at Bachelorette Party by Complimenting Her Feet

rob ryan rex ryan bachelorette party complimented feet

The legend of the foot fetish lives!

In case you haven’t heard, former Jets and Bills coach Rex Ryan and his silver-maned brother Rob Ryan got into a fight at a Margaritaville (of course it was a Margaritaville!) restaurant in Nashville over the weekend. However, before they got into that fight, Rex and Rob were apparently hitting on some attractive young women at a bachelorette party.

Now one of those women is saying Rex told her she had “nice feet,” then winked and said “you know what I like.”

The woman with the “nice feet” is the blonde on the far left in the above photo—you know, the one with Rob Ryan’s hand on her rib cage. When she saw the story about the fight she contacted the folks at Busted Coverage and told them about Rex’s unusual compliment. She also said Rex told them he liked the photo and asked them to text it to him, which is a pretty smooth way to get a phone number.

Of course, both Rex and Rob are married, which means they are in some deep sh*t with their wives.

As you may recall, the internet exploded and almost died back in 2010 after it was discovered that Rex Ryan and his wife had made a series of foot fetish videos.

Hat Tip – [Busted Coverage]

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