Chicago Cubs SS Addison Russell Blasted By Wife Online For Cheating & Beating On Her (PICS)

cubs addison russell domestic violence allegation

Chicago Cubs shortstop Addison Russell was put on blast for cheating on his wife on Wednesday. However, that is now the least of his problems. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Major League Baseball is now investigating allegations of domestic violence.

It all started Wednesday evening with an Instagram post by Russell’s wife, Melissa Russell. It was a photo of her laughing on the beach, along with a caption that read, “Being free to be able to make your own choices for your own happiness beats being cheated on, lied to, & disrespected any day. #herestonewbeginnings #onlygetsbetterfromhere.”

The post was later deleted, but the screenshots remain:

addison russell cheating on wife
Melissa Russell followed that post up with another one on Twitter just after midnight. “My post is meant to be empowering, not degrading,” it read. “I hope it empowers and inspires other women to ‘not take shit’ from anyone, regardless of who they are.”

This post also was later deleted, but again the screenshots remain:

addison russell wife put on blast for cheating
So why did Melissa Russell delete her posts? Probably because her best friend replied to one of the comments by alleging that Addison Russell was mentally and physically abusive:

addison russell domestic violence allegation
While media and fans love nothing more than to crucify domestic abusers, the reality is that their victims are often wary of bringing allegations out in the open for fear that it will impact their livelihood. Even if the allegations made by Melissa Russell’s friend are true, Melissa may not have wanted them made public. She may not want to be with Russell, but she probably wants him to provide for their two young children.

Now, regardless of Melissa Russell’s intentions, an MLB official said they will investigate the allegations made on social media. That means they will likely seek to interview Addison Russell and his wife. Any potential discipline would then be up to MLB commissioner Rob Manfred.

Stay tuned.

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