Did Steph Curry Pull A Randy Moss in Celebration of Kevin Durant’s Go-Ahead Shot? (VIDEO)

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With 45 seconds left in the game, Kevin Durant pulled up from three and drained the shot to put the Golden State Warriors up by 1 with less than a minute to go.

That was a damn good shot, but once the replay was shown over and over again – the attention seemed to shift off of Durant and on to Curry.


Immediately following the dagger shot, Curry could be seen pretending to either moon the crowd or take a sh*t on the court in celebration of Durant’s shot.

During Thursday’s press conference, Curry was asked about the celebration and the two-time MVP promised he had no clue what he was even doing right there.

“I really don’t know what I did last night. Like, I saw it. I just don’t know what I was doing. I even dropped my mouthpiece because I was so uncoordinated in that sense … Nah, no Randy Moss, none of that stuff. Just having fun, I guess.”


If you can’t remember that infamous Randy Moss TD celebration:

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