Golfer Claims Long Drivers are More Athletic Than NBA, NFL Players (Video)

Long Drive

Taking a page from the book of LaVar Ball, professional long competitor Maurice Allen decided to make an insanely bold comment in order to grab some extra media attention…

And it worked like a charm.

Following his quarterfinals victory at the “Clash in the Canyon” long drive tournament, Allen stepped in front of a microphone for an interview and, as if he really meant it, claimed that long drive golfers are in fact “the best athletes on earth.”

“I don’t care about the NBA Finals, I don’t care about football,” he continued. “These guys have been professional athletes in everything.”

I kid you not.  He said that.  Check it out:

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As if that wasn’t already enough, after seeing himself on SportsCenter, Maurice Allen decided to record the segment and post it to Twitter while tagging the likes of LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Steph Curry

Dude’s a straight SAVAGE.

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