Rip Hamilton, Rasheed Wallace Convinced ’04 Pistons Would ‘Dominate’ Warriors: ‘We’d Run Through Them’

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You can add Richard Hamilton and Rasheed Wallace to the ever growing list of former NBA players who feel their squad of yesteryear would absolutely dominate today’s Golden State Warriors.

During separate interviews, with Hamilton joining CBS Sports and Wallace appearing on the Timeout with Taylor Rooks podcast, the two former teammates stated that the title-winning 2003-04 Detroit Pistons would find a way to dismantle the Stephen Curry- and Kevin Durant-led Warriors squad that is on the cusp of sweeping through the playoffs.

First, what Hamilton had to say:

“I think we’d dominate them,” Hamilton said, before quickly softening his take. “No, we don’t dominated them. I think we beat them in a seven-game series, and I think it goes seven. But at the end of the day, we match up good with them. We’re also bigger. We could have switched everything, one through five, against them. We had great defenders. Rasheed and Ben Wallace were some of the best perimeter defenders, not just on the block but also could guard guys out on the perimeter.”

Wallace agreed with his former teammate’s assertion.

“We’d run through them,” Wallace told Rooks. “Not even close. We played defense. … The way we played, we would have locked them down. The things that we did in Detroit will never be done again on defense.”

The Pistons’ 2004 squad is widely considered the least star-laden championship team in modern NBA history. A true team.

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