Somebody Created a GoFundMe To Get Kevin Durant a Brush & Hair Grease

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For whatever reason, Kevin Durant has been known to get on the basketball court every game looking like he just woke up 10 minutes before tip-off and decided to just show up as-is.

The Golden State Warriors forward and his hair have been a topic of conversation dating back to his OKC Thunder days.

Someone decided to open up a GoFundMe to get Durant a brush and hair grease.

The GoFundMe reads as follows:

“Hi im Kevin Durants hair and im tired of him neglecting me every morning he wakes up and attend to his teeth but forgets about me when he showers he dont wash me i asked him can he at least stoke a brush across me before he goes out there and play he ignores me  im sick of going to press conferences looking like ants crawling around im rolled up in uncomforable positions they call me nappy im just hair trying to get straighten out the internet makes fun of me im tired of being the laughing stock of people and getting bullied all im asking for is $50 for a trim a clean edge up a brush some sporting wave and a durag i want to feel good about myself i attempted serveral times to fall off his head and everytime i do i grow back please help me”

The goal is $50 and as of 8:34 eastern standard time, nobody has donated a dime.

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