LaVar Ball Opens Up About His Wife Who is Recovering From a Serious Stroke She Suffered in February

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When LaVar Ball speaks, he’s usually yelling about something or making some outlandish guarantee.  This is a rare moment, however, as Ball actually showed a different side to him.

One thing you never hear Ball talk about is his wife and that’s because she suffered a serious stroke back in February. During an interview with ESPN, Ball opened up about his wife, Tina, and how his family is copping with the situation.

“I just deal with it. Whatever it is,” Ball said. “Things are gonna happen in life. Either you are gonna help do something about it or you just gonna let it happen and destroy you.

“Like I told my boys: ‘I got her. Now you can do whatever you want to do. What I’m not going to is burden you with sitting there rubbing her hand, doing that. We’re not making a movie.’ … That’s my wife, and I take care of her.

“She wants to talk and she can get out a few words,” he continued. “I’m rebooting her now right now. She’s saying, ‘LaVar, you’re right. You are right.’ That’s all I want to hear her say. Now we can get another 25 years having a good time. She is going to get better with me.”

“I told them, ‘If you’re going to be disrespectful to your mom, I want you to be all the time.’ So, excuse my language right here, but if you want to say, ‘Good morning, b—-,’ that’s fine with me,” Ball said. “I’m not going to say nothing. If you want to call your mom a b—-, that’s fine. But don’t get sick, when your stomach is hurting and you want me to care for you because you know I ain’t. … She’ll clean up the throw-up, the s—, whatever. She’ll take of what you want. … So don’t wait until you need something, or you need her to make you something and now you want to be nice to her. …

“So they never disrespect their mom, or talk back to her, or say nothing. Because I say, ‘In the long run, you’re going to need her before you need me.’”

Also during that exclusive interview, Ball talked about the different types of discipline he would hand out to his sons for misbehaving:

“..including giving Lonzo “a couple of hits upside the head” after he missed curfew and was pulled over by police in high school, and using a “belt or something” to discipline LaMelo.

Ball later clarified remarks he made during the interview, saying that he has spanked each son once in their lives — and that has instilled a sense of fear so that he hasn’t needed to do it again.

“I spanked them once,” Ball said. “To let them know there are repercussions at times. But my boys are respectful, and usually my voice is enough.”

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