New Bar Fight Video Released of Rex & Rob Ryan Cussing Out Bar Patron & Spilling a Drink on Him (VIDEO)

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Last weekend, former Buffalo Bills coaches Rex and Rob Ryan got into a scuffle at a Nashville bar after they had just made an appearance at the Predators game that Saturday to cheer on the team.

“A rep for the Metro Nashville Police Dept. confirms Matthew Havel (from Colorado), filed a simple assault report against the Ryan brothers over an incident at the Margaritaville bar on Saturday, TMZ reported.”

The original video:


On Friday, TMZ received an even better video with a closer look to what actually may have caused the situation.

TMZ Sports has obtained new footage of the Rex & Rob Ryan bar fight in Nashville — which shows Rex cussing out a bar patron and then spilling a margarita on the guy. 

It all went down Sunday at Margaritaville — you can see Matt Havel chatting up the Ryan brothers and another man at the Ryans’ table … until Havel said something that set Rex off. 

Unclear what Matt said … but Rex blows up at the guy. Rob shoves him. And while Rex grabs the guy’s drink to move it to another table, someone bumps his elbow … and Matt gets splashed with booze. 

The fight quickly escalated … with Rob eventually grabbing Matt by the neck.”

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