REPORT: Ray Rice Is Giving Motivational Speeches to Ravens Rookies


It’s no surprise that documented domestic abuser Ray Rice can’t find work in the NFL as a player, but what’s perhaps even more troubling is his ability to have toured the US for a couple years now speaking on his mistakes made earlier in his career.

I mean, I can’t really blame him for looking for the work, but I’m sorta curious what kind of group would ask this guy to dole out life lessons to their players or employees.

Now, for the second(!) year in a row, Rice is addressing the freshman class of his old team, the Baltimore Ravens. He’s urging the rookies not to make the same mistakes he did, which seems…odd. “Don’t hit your fiancee in a casino elevator” seems like pretty standard advice that shouldn’t need to be taught, but given the NFL’s propensity for scandal and crime, maybe investing in a Rice speech is money well-spent.

Hat Tip – [TMZ Sports]

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