Predators Fan Starts A Petition To Have Sidney Crosby Suspended For Rest of Stanley Cup Finals

Sidney Crosby

Predators fans are sick and tired of Sidney Crosby’s sh*t.

The Stanley Cup Finals between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Nashville Predators has had just about everything on and off the ice.  From a catfish being thrown on the ice and a fan being arrested for it, to celebrities cheering on the teams and voicing their opinions on the referees via social media, we’ve seen it all.

It wasn’t a good time to be a Predators fan during Game 5 as the team got run off the ice to the tune of a 6-0 blowout.  Predators fans were already not happy about the outcome of the game, so they vented about Sidney Crosby throwing a water bottle onto the ice.


Then there’s Crosby’s explanation for what he did to P.K. Subban while on the ice.

#Crosby weighs in on his awkward game 5 tussle with #Subban. Will there be a round 2?

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One Predators fan had seen enough and actually created a petition to get Crosby suspended for the remainder of the Stanley Cup Finals.

The petition reads as follows:

“Due to recent events in Game Five of the Stanley Cup Final in 2017, (i.e. Repeatedly slamming PK Subban’s head into the ice without penalty and throwing a water bottle on the ice during play leading to Pittsburgh Penguins Goal by Sidney Crosby, repeated grabbing by the Pittsburgh Penguins after whistle with malicious intent) it should be seen that a formal complaint be given by the citizens of Nashville and one who feels the correct ramification were not received.”

Here are a few comments from people supporting the petition.



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