Ballboy Makes an Amazing Foul Ball Snag, All While Casually Chewing on a Toothpick (Video)

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I didn’t know the younger generations relied on toothpicks the way older, uh, rural, folk did, but let this video serve as a reminder that they do.

Let it also remind us that doing something with a toothpick in your mouth makes it 64% cooler than if you didn’t have one.

A ballboy at a Rays game laid out for a diving catch to shield the bullpen from an errant foul ball. Not only did he do so pretty suavely, but he managed to not swallow his toothpick while diving, which is the real story here.

Take a look:

Chad Pinder’s foul ball never stood a chance against this guy who takes his job as seriously as he takes dental hygiene.

Is this play going to usher in a new era of ironic toothpick usage?

Only time will tell.

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