Fans Jump Into Ring and Attack Kickboxer After Savage KO at Glory 42 (Videos)

fans attack kickboxer after savage ko

The Glory 42 co-main event between Murthel Groenhart and Harut Grigorian in Paris on Saturday night had one of the most bizarre conclusions you will ever see.

It all started when Groenhart won his welterweight in stunning fashion. In the middle of the second round, Grigorian suddenly stopped fighting, turned his back on Groenhart, and walked away. So Groenhart ran up and behind him and threw a devastating right hook that knocked Grigorian out cold.

Technically Groenhart did nothing illegal. Fans and experts will debate whether it was sportsmanlike, but there was no bell and no intervention from the referee. Grigorian ignored the number one rule of kickboxing—”protect yourself at all times”—and his opponent took advantage.

Incredibly, though, this shocking knockout was not the last bizarre turn of events at Glory 42. Immediately afterward, as Groenhart stood up on the ropes in his corner celebrating his victory, two very large men jumped into the ring and attacked him, landing several punches on the unsuspecting kickboxer before being pulled away by security.

Take a look:

“Some guy caught me with a hook to my face,” Groenhart said in his post-match interview after the melee was contained. “I got my guard up. With those hands without gloves, it came through to my chin and my teeth. I think it’s broken [jaw], I don’t know. It hurts.”

Don’t mess with French kickboxing fans.

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