Fans Sends Warriors WWII-Inspired Strategy To Beat Cavs: ‘It Fooled Hitler’

Golden State Warriors Fans Gather To Watch Their Team In Game Four Against The Cleveland Cavaliers

Warriors fans want to make sure this series doesn’t return to Cleveland.

Game 5 of the NBA Finals on Monday night will be the Golden State Warriors’ 99th game of the season, and their 18th Finals game against the Cleveland Cavaliers as both teams have seen each other in the Finals for the last three years.

The strategy is undoubtedly the same as they attempt to neutralize Lebron and make other players beat them, but overzealous Warriors fan wants to make sure everything goes according to plan.

This fan decided to faxed over a strategy to the organization that was used in battle during World War II.

“As I want the Warriors to win tonight, here are my two cents on strategy.

Use the Cavaliers own strategy against them. As they are bullying Curry, use their double teaming to keep them WAY beyond the arc. Use Curry primarily as a DECOY to keep the game four on three close in. This strategy was actually used in WWII using General Patton as a non-functioning decoy in charge of a fake Army of rubber tanks and trucks at Calais. It fooled Hitler in thinking D Day would be coming from Calais. 

Have the four Warriors who are close in pass the ball quickly from corner to corner to keep three Cavaliers off guard until a shot opportunity presents itself. If they happen to get off Curry he can shoot or make a play. 

I hope this kind of strategy is agreeable to and encourages Curry who appears to shoot less when he is being bullied. 

Good luck! I hope we will win.”

The original letter has since been deleted from social media.

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