Horrific Nutshot Makes MMA Heavyweight Cry Like a Baby (Video)

mma nutshot

An MMA heavyweight by the name of Aorigele was on the receiving end of the nutshot to end all nutshots on Saturday.

The Chinese fighter fought Myung Hyun Man at a Road FC MMA event in Seoul, South Korea. Just seven second in, Myung Hyun Man landed what might very well be the most devastating kick to the groin in the history of mixed martial arts. You can actually hear it shatter Aorigele’s protective cup and, presumably, his testicles.

After the blow Aorigele falls backward holding his crotch as the medical team rushed to his side. Once there they place a blue medical blanket over his lower half for privacy while they inspect the damage.

Ironically, that kind of made it look like Aorigele was giving birth.

Take a look…if you think you can stomach it:

Unfortunately we don’t have an update on Aorigele’s status, but I think it’s safe to assume he’s not in good shape.

After taking a low blow like that, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s just like, “nah, I’m done with MMA.”

Hat Tip – [theScore]

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