NBA Finals Game 5 Tickets Are Going to Cost Close to Six Figures for a Pair of Courtside Seats (Tweets)

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As we learned last year, the Internet/tech bubble doesn’t just lead to inflated corporate valuations. Nope. The funny money going around the Warriors’ Silicon Valley fan base has led to some pretty insane Finals ticket prices the last couple years.

While prices for the upcoming Game 5 haven’t quite hit last year’s Game 7 levels of ridiculousnesses…they’re getting close.

According to ESPN, two transactions have come in at $90k for two seats and another person ponied up $82k for a pair in the hopes of seeing the Ws win it.

Meanwhile, Cleveland tickets are coming in at far less than half that, so it would really make more sense to hold out hope that the Cavs can stretch it one more game, then buy some tickets at the Q, supplementing them with a private jet to the game. It may not be “practical,” but it makes more sense than dropping $100k on two tickets to a basketball game!

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