David West and Tristan Thompson Kinda Made Out, and the Internet Thought It Was HILARIOUS (Tweets)

david west and tristan thompson making out

There was a pretty awkward moment during Game 6 on the NBA Finals on Monday night. With three minutes left in the second quarter, Warriors forward David West and Cavaliers center Tristan Thompson started wrestling for a rebound underneath the Cleveland basket. That wrestling led to some pushing and shoving, the pushing and shoving led to some yelling, and the yelling led to some making out.

See for yourself:

Luckily for David West and the Dubs the Kardashian Kurse is a venereal disease. It cannot be transmitted by kissing alone.

Needless to say, Twitter killed it with the jokes:

Hopefully whatever Kardashian sister Tristan Thompson is dating isn’t too upset about all this.

Hat Tip – [Bro Bible]

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