Kevin Durant + Beer = EPIC FAIL (Videos)

Kevin Durant beer fail

Kevin Durant is very good at playing basketball, and very bad at drinking beer.

Following the Warriors’ title-clinching victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers last night, the NBA Finals MVP took to the locker room to celebrate with his teammates.  Of course, that celebration involved the consumption of alcohol, but when the booze began to flow, that’s when KD began to make a complete ass of himself.

First, here he is chugging down some Bud Light before spitting it out in disgust:

Dude can’t even tolerate a light beer.  Maybe the Warriors should have bought him some Budweiser Prohibition Brew.

And then there was this epic fail as KD attempted the “Stone Cold” Steve Austin beer smash:   

If KD played ball like he drank beer, the we’d probably be talking about a Cavs championship right now.

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