Riley Curry, Once Again, Steals Spotlight From Celebrating Warriors (PICS + VIDS)

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 8.21.07 AM

Well, the Warriors won another championship. It wasn’t exactly a huge surprise, but the feat did give a platform to someone we hadn’t heard from much this year—Riley Curry.

Steph’s daughter was pretty much front and center the entire celebration, hanging with her dad.

It doesn’t seem like she really knew (or possibly cared) about what was going on, opting instead to just party for no good reason.

Here she is shakin’ it in non-GIF format.

But Riley’s move of the night comes in the form of this rather artsy shot that shows her adjusting her hat using her reflection in the Larry O’Brien trophy. That’s DEFINITELY the move of a kid who’s grown up around too many trophies.

She’s the best thing about what appears to be an inevitable Warriors dynasty.

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