Tom Brady’s Mom Completed Cancer Treatments 2 Months Ago

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons

Anytime cancer is defeated, it’s a great day.

On Monday, Tom Brady’s father revealed to the Boston Globe that his wife, Galynn, completed her cancer treatments two months ago.

The mother of the 5-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback had a year that she will never forget in 2016, as she underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments, which forced her to miss all of Brady’s games except one – Super Bowl LI.

“She is doing great,” Tom Brady Sr. said to Christopher L. Gasper of the Boston Globe. “She is getting out and playing golf and tennis and looks wonderful.

“I think in the dark recesses of every cancer survivor is the thought it could reappear. We simply pray now that after her treatment it never rears its ugly head again.”

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