Kevin Durant Says Kyrie Irving Is Better Than Allen Iverson (AUDIO)

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Just 48 hours after capturing his first NBA Championship as well as Finals MVP, Kevin Durant is now booking shows and making the rounds in the media.

During a recent appearance on Bill Simmons’ podcast, Durant reflected back on the season he had as well as the Golden State Warriors’ epic playoff run.  But things really started to get interesting when the conversation shifted to whether Kyrie Irving was better than hall of famer Allen Iverson.

During the interview, Simmons mentions Kyrie might be the best inside out offensive point guard he’s ever seen. KD didn’t disagree. KD’s business manager, Rich Kleiman was in the background and you can hear him say something like “What about AI?” KD and Simmons both refuted that and said Irving is better. KD went further and said if you look at the skill sets of both players Kyrie wins out. Better handle, better finisher and better shooter. Plus Kyrie is a legit 6’2″ AI is barely 5’11”.”

The full pod is below. Fast forward to 34:00 to hear the discussion about Kyrie Irving and Allen Iverson.


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