Even With Russell Wilson, Seahawks Still Crank Future’s Music in Locker Room (Video)

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By now, most everyone knows that Russell Wilson‘s wife, Ciara, the one he famously “waited on,” has a son fathered by rapper Future. Though things appear harmonious between the two, that hasn’t always been the case, making for what I’m sure is an awkward scene in the Seahawk’s locker room when the guys blast Future’s music.

Well, that doesn’t keep the players from doing it, said Michael Bennett on The Breakfast Club. The star lineman says that he just likes Future’s music and isn’t going out of his way to spare Wilson’s feelings on the matter. To Wilson’s credit, Bennett says Russ stays pro about the whole thing and doesn’t get petty over who’s playing what.

That said, I’m sure every man has his limits. If you turn that locker room soundtrack into Future all day, every day, I’m sure you’ll have some things to answer for.

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