Sidney Crosby Throws Impressive Curveball During First Pitch at Pirates Game (Video)

Sidney Crosby one-handed goal vs. Sabres

Image via Getty

There’s no debating that Sidney Crosby is the best hockey player in the world right now.  If his two straight Stanley Cups aren’t enough to prove that, his back-to-back Conn Smythes as playoff MVP should do the trick.

And judging by his first pitch prior to last night’s game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Colorado Rockies at PNC Park, it appears as though Sid’s athletic abilities extend well beyond the hockey rink.

Just look at the movement on the Pens captain’s curveball, which he actually delivered from the pitching rubber:

Now that he’s got three Stanley Cup rings under his belt, maybe it’s time for Crosby to go after that elusive World Series title.

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