Jose Calderon’s Warriors Career: $207,500 Per Hour, 0 Minutes, NBA Championship

Jose Calderon

Back in March, Jose Calderon was just minding his business being a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, until they decided to waive him.

The Golden State Warriors decided to pick him up, but Kevin Durant suffered a possible season-ending knee injury shortly after and the team felt they needed a taller player to fill Durant’s role. The team wanted Matt Barnes to fill that role, but instead of just not signing Calderon, the Warriors signed him, then waived him two hours later.

Calderon made $415,000 for his 119 minutes as a member of the team. That’s $207,500 per hour.


The best part about this entire ordeal is that Jose Calderon is now an NBA Champion. Since he was a part of the team at one point in the season, the Warriors are eligible to give Calderon a championship ring.


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