LeBron Finally Lets It Go & Shaves His Head Bald; Back In The Weight Room Following Finals Loss (VIDEO)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

If you thought LeBron James would sit around crying about his fifth NBA Finals loss, you thought wrong.

Three days after losing in Game 5 to the Golden State Warriors, LeBron was back in the weight room sporting a brand new look: A SHAVED HEAD.

Bron’s receding hairline has been a topic of conversation since it started leaning back after a few short years in the league.  with his new hairstyle, he may have finally put that conversation to rest.

Back at it! #striveforgreatness

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Bald head nut!! #IHearEmPrayingOnMyDownfall #CantStopWontStop #striveforgreatness A post shared by LeBron James (@kingjames) on

Once Twitter found out LeBron shaved his head, they went nuts.  Let’s take a look at some twitter classics… lmao

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